Promítací plátno, 115m2, 7,1m
Projection screen, 115m2, 7,1m.
Sál kina s kapacitou 513 diváků
Cinema with a capacity of 513 seats.
Restaurace Panorama pro Vás bude otevřena každý den hodinu a půl před první projekcí
Panorama Restaurant will be open every day
at least
one hour before the first screening.
Bar Film Point vám nabídne zábavu po celou noc
Film Point Bar will offer entertainment throughout the night.
Ventolin - hudební mág
Ventolin - Surprise for a Saturday night. - Ventolin on YouTube.

Dear friends and film technology fans

We cordially invite you to the 12th Neisse Film Festival, on the section 70mm films entitled "NFF Panorama Festival 70mm FILM". The program are 70mm projection films, lectures, meetings with friends, fun and good food and drinks.

Cinema Panorama Varnsdorf offers unique technical facilities curved screen, 7.1 meters height of the image area of ​​115 square meters. Cinema is conceived as 70mm, with a triangular floor plan and projection surface is considerably advanced to the audience, has virtually no stage. Designed capacity is of 550 seats. Projection booth has installed all classic projection technology i.e. 16mm, 35mm (2x), 70mm (2x) and Christie digital projector. On a perfect tuning our technology and program we cooperate with foreign friends – Orpheum Lichtspiele Schönberg, Kinomuseum Berlin and Mikula Servis Switzerland. Hardware is not only in perfect technical condition, but all improving go beyond the original technology. We are so prepared for film copies, which, due to the effects of the ravages of time are not perfect. Projectors UM 70/35 we have adapted for screening shrink copies, in the sound system we added noise suppression for audio records without Dolby. Furthermore, we have installed Dolby A or Dolby SR or other audio systems for 70 mm films having e.g. the low bass frequencies in a particular track or have stereo sound effects. All recordings are played as they were technically worked on the film copy, but through modern sound processor and speakers.

We offer to visitors to the festival eating in our two restaurants located in the complex of PANORAMA CENTRE with rich selection of pizzas, pastas, meat and vegetarian dishes. We plan lectures and other complementary programs that adjust according to interest of Festival visitors. We can arrange accommodation for registered visitors. Link to the registration form can be found at the end of the invitation.


Festival program:

Thursday, 7.5.:

16.00 Goya

20.00 Doctor Zhivago

Friday, 8.5.:

11.00 Grand Prix

15.30 Spartacus

21.00 Hello Dolly!

Saturday, 9.5.:

9.30 Ice station Zebra

13.00 Can-Can

16.00 Around the World in 80 Days


The official program does not ends with the last scheduled festival screenings.

Minor changes reserved.




Centrum Panorama
Západní 2618
407 47 Varnsdorf
Czech Republic

City Varnsdorf is located at the heart of the border triangle Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, near the German city of Bautzen, where you can turn of the A4 motorway. For The train journey can be used the connection from Zittau or Děčín (Tetschen) with the Labe-Elbe ticket. Cinema is from the train station less than a mile. In front of the cinema is also parking for cars. For visitors from the Czech Republic we recommend the train from Decin or direct bus from Prague. Bus stop is near the cinema.


Tickets for the festival:

Presale within accreditation:

3 days - 700Kč / 25€

2 days - 560Kč / 20€


Tickets on the site:

3 days - 756Kč / 27€

2 days - 616Kč / 22€

Individual screenings: 110Kč / 4€


Accreditation form:

Proč k nám?

Panoramatické plátno subjektivně působí při projekci širokoúhlého filmu až monumentálním dojmem, který nezažijeme v žádném ze současných ale ani bývalých pražských kin, včetně tolik vzpomínané legendární Alfy na Václavském náměstí. Celý objekt navíc vyzařuje velmi příjemnou atmosféru.

Stručně řečeno: “Cítíte se zde jako v klasickém kině.

Projekt digitalizace Kina Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf dle standartu DCI podpořili : Státní fond České republiky pro podporu a rozvoj české kinematografie a Město Varsndorf.