70mm Weekend 2016

12.–15. 5. 2016

Dear friends and film technology fans, we cordially invite you to celebrate with us 45 years since opening our cinema. The program are 70mm projection films, lectures, meetings with friends, fun and good food and drinks. Cinema Panorama in Varnsdorf offers a unique technical equipment with curved screen. Due to technical adjustments this year, we slightly increased the screen size and the projected image size is 120 square meters. Cinema is projected as 70mm with a triangular floor plan and the projection screen is considerably moved to viewers and has practically no stage.

Projection screen, 120m2. Cinema with a capacity of 513 seats.
Projection screen, 120m2. Cinema with a capacity of 513 seats.


Designed capacity is of 550 seats. Projection booth has installed all classic projection technology i.e. 16mm, 35mm (2x), 70mm (2x) and Christie digital projector. On a perfect tuning our technology and program we cooperate with foreign friends – Orpheum Lichtspiele Schönberg, Kinomuseum Berlin and Mikula Servis Switzerland. Hardware is not only in perfect technical condition, but all improving go beyond the original technology. We are so prepared for film copies, which, due to the effects of the ravages of time are not perfect. Projectors UM 70/35 we have adapted for screening shrink copies, in the sound system we added noise suppression for audio records without Dolby. Furthermore, we have installed Dolby A or Dolby SR or other audio systems for 70 mm films having e.g. the low bass frequencies in a particular track or have stereo sound effects. All recordings are played as they were technically worked on the film copy, but through modern sound processor and speakers.


We offer to visitors to the festival eating in our two restaurants located in the complex of CENTRUM PANORAMA with rich selection of pizzas, pastas, meat and vegetarian dishes. The menu can be found here. Link to the registration form can be found at the end of the invitation.


Our philosophy is to offer movies that are very rare on similar 70 mm shows. Of course, we can never be quite sure, if anyone has ever organize some screenings alone outside regular festivals, but about many films we failed to get the information that they would have been in recent years played somewhere.


13. Neisse Filmfestival

The 70mm weekend takes place in the context of 13th Neisse Filmfestival, which is organized in 10 locations in the German-Polish-Czech border triangle from 10th to 15th May. Program of Neisse Film Festival features plenty of other 100 films, documentaries and short films, as well as concerts, lectures and parties. For the entire festival program see www.neissefilmfestival.de


Planned movies:

We are trying to get the following movies for our 70 mm Weekend. Negotiations with the rights holders are still ongoing and therefore it is possible that it may still be some changes. Two titles planned in the rare widescreen UltraPanavision 70 or MGM Camera 65 format with an aspect ratio of 2.76:1.

KLK an PTX - Die Rote Kapelle
12.5. 16:00

1971 / Director: Horst E. Brandt / 178 min.
ČSFD (-) / IMDB (7,8*)

Battle of the Bulge
12.5. 19:30

1965 / Director: Ken Annakin / 147 min.
ČSFD (74%) / IMDB (6,8*)

KLK a PTX - Rudá kapela

East German spy title from 1971 takes us to the years 1938 -1942, when on the territory of Nazi Germany operated Communist anti-Nazi spy group. With this film you could meet in 2014 in Karlsruhe. Howler the East German makers were aware of the qualities of western film materials and so cameraman found in boxes labeled ORWO material from Kodak. The film will be in the German original with Czech subtitles.

Bitva v Ardenách

Now classic film depicting the eve of the Second World War. The film is a last ditch attempt from the side of Hitler's Germany to prevent Allies to occupy Europe. Even though the film includes some historical inaccuracies, it is a classic in its genre and compared to modern and Computer created films it is an honest filmmaking work. On command military operations, we look at both from the point of view of Allies and German as well. The film will be in the English original with Czech and German subtitles.

Die Hard
13.5. 11:00

1988 / Director: John McTiernan / 131 min.
ČSFD (89%) / IMDB (8,2*)

Mutiny on the Bounty (Ultra Panavision 70)
13.5. 14:15

1962 / Director: Lewis Milestone, Carol Reed / 178 min.
ČSFD (78%) / IMDB (7,2*)

Smrtonosná past

Introducing Bruce Willis in the role of John McClane is probably unnecessary. Classical action-movie of world class, to which it is a joy to watch even after 28 years. The title is of surprising quality for 70 mm strip.  Perfect picture and sound with extra subwoofer track not let anybody on doubt that terrorists do not have the slightest chance. You will see the German version with Czech subtitles.

Vzpoura na Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty is a famous film from 1962 inspired by real the events of the late 18th century and also another title with Ultra Panavision 70 . English seafarers liked Tahitian women and local nature, they decided to stay in the Pacific, which was not otherwise than overpower the captain and officers, landing them on a barge and with the captured ship to sail alone on the island. For the first time since 2009 this film comes to life on the big screen in our cinema of 16.2 m bright in original with German and Czech subtitels.

Ben-Hur (MGM Camera 65)
13.5. 17:45

1959 / Director: William Wyler / 212 min.
ČSFD (85%) / IMDB (8,1*)

The Dirty Dozen
14.5. 10:30

1967 / Director: Robert Aldrich / 150 min
ČSFD (82%) / IMDB (7,8*)


Historic title from 1959 takes us to the days of the ancient Romans. Unbeatable Charleton Heston in the title role is betrayed and sent into slavery, only to subsequently won freedom for and achieved retaliation. Widescreen 2.76: 1 this film certainly suits. In Europe, you could see him the last time in 2009 in Berlin, albeit in an narrowed and corrupted version. Our version in original widescreen format was screened last time in 2005. You will see the German version with Czech subtitles.

Tucet špinavců

Another war film of our 70 mm Weekend. After a long deciding, which of war films is better, we leave that decision up to you, the viewers. We will witness a suicide mission, to which a dozen defectors, serving up long sentences or awaiting death is sent. Goal is clear: Infiltrate into French chateau full of German officers and all of them blow up. Yet we are not sure, which language version will be projected, but subtitles are sure. Even this film was not shown on any of the 70 mm shows in recent years.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
14.5. 14:00

1982 / Director: Steven Spielberg / 115 min.
ČSFD (83%) / IMDB (7,8*)

Alien Nation
14.5. 16:30

1988 / Director: Graham Baker / 91 min.
ČSFD (53%) / IMDB (6,3*)

E.T. Mimozemšťan

Featuring E.T. from 1982 is like carrying coals to Newcastle. Spielberg's classic will delight adults and older children. You can enjoy beautifully colored 70mm film, although the format 1.85: 1, as in this format it was made. But it will not miss the typical 70mm six-channel audio recording. Take your children with you, it is very likely that they have this title on 70mm never seen before. The film will be in the English original with Czech and German subtitles.


At its time slightly second-rate sci fi over time evolved into one of the favorite sci fi movies of 1988. Visitors from outer space decided to settle our planet, and in San Francisco it will be able to follow the story of one of the newcomers, how he is as new policeman incorporated in the society. Neither of Alien Nation is known to bee seen on 70mm screen. The film will be in the English original with Czech and German subtitles.


The Big Fisherman
14.5. 18:30

1959 / Director: Frank Borzage / 180 min.
ČSFD (-) / IMDB (6*)

Far from the Madding Crowd
15.5. 10:30

1967 / Director: John Schlesinger / 168 min.
ČSFD (80%) / IMDB (7,2*)

Velký rybář

The Big Fisherman is a gem of our 70 mm weekend. It is the first film processed Super Panavision 70. The film tells the biblical story of the angler Peter who became a follower of Jesus. The story is not only of Peter´s redemption and forgiveness, but also about a young Arab-Jewish girl Fara. Jesus' teaching changes both of them their life. The film was recently screened 56 years ago! Coming in German language with Czech subtitles.

Daleko od hlučícího davu

One of the many adaptations of Thomas Hardy's famous novel of the year 1874th Young ambitious Farmwoman already has three suitors: Charismatic herdsman Gabriel, likable but shy farmer William and finally nifty soldier Frank. Amorous intrigues and misunderstandings will result in even murder. Which of the suitors will have ultimately beloved wife? For the first time the 70 mm strip, you may  find only in our cinema. Shown in the German language with Czech subtitles.

15.5. 14:15

1968 / Director: Carol Reed / 153 min.
ČSFD (72%) / IMDB (7,5*)


The world famous story of a young boy from the English writer Charles Dickens Oliwer Twist will impress us in the form of a musical from1968. We believe that the musical based on a six-channel magnetic recording will chain into the seats many of the spectators. Even for us it will be a surprise, because we're not aware that this title in the last time has been played in 70mm strip.The film will be in the English original with Czech and German subtitles.




How to reach us:

City Varnsdorf is located at the heart of the border triangle Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, near the German city of Bautzen, where you can turn of the A4 motorway. For The train journey can be used the connection from Zittau or Děčín (Tetschen) with the Labe-Elbe ticket. Cinema is from the train station less than a mile. In front of the cinema is also parking for cars. For visitors from the Czech Republic we recommend the train from Decin or direct bus from Prague. Bus stop is near the cinema. Visitors can take accommodation in one of the many guesthouses in Varnsdorf.

Panorama Restaurant will be open every day at least one hour before the first screening. Film Point Bar will offer entertainment throughout the night.
Panorama Restaurant will be open every day
at least
one hour before the first screening.
Film Point Bar will offer entertainment throughout the night.






Email: 70mm@centrumpanorama.cz



Pavel Nejtek - cinema owner: +420 603 509 102 (CZ)

Zdeněk Štěpánek - technician and service for visitors: +420 774 415 269 (CZ, EN)

Kancelář kina: +420 605 700 844 (CZ)

Restaurace: +420 603 519 540 (CZ)


Centrum Panorama
Západní 2618
407 47 Varnsdorf
Czech Republic
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Attention, GPS brings you to the back gate for staff. Entrance to the cinema and parking is on the opposite side of the block.


Tickets 70mm Weekend:

4 days - 1200Kč / 45€

3 days - 980Kč / 36€

2 days - 650Kč / 24€

1 day - 350Kč / 13€

Individual screenings: 135Kč / 5€



Hotel - Educational Center
Price from 420Kč/night.
The hotel is 540 meters away from the cinema.

Ubytovna Sportovní hala (sports hostel)
Price from 250Kč/night.
The hostel is 300 meters away from the cinema.

Penzion Dvůr Pohody
Price from 630Kč/night.
The guesthouse is 1.6km away from the cinema.

Penzion U Rudolfa III.
Price from 399Kč/night.
The guesthouse is 1.5km away from the cinema.

Hotel Atrium
Price from 980Kč/night.
The hotel is 1km away from the cinema.

Penzion Fontána
Price from 350Kč/night.
The guesthouse is 1.5km away from the cinema.

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Proč k nám?

Panoramatické plátno subjektivně působí při projekci širokoúhlého filmu až monumentálním dojmem, který nezažijeme v žádném ze současných ale ani bývalých pražských kin, včetně tolik vzpomínané legendární Alfy na Václavském náměstí. Celý objekt navíc vyzařuje velmi příjemnou atmosféru.

Stručně řečeno: “Cítíte se zde jako v klasickém kině.

Projekt digitalizace Kina Centrum Panorama Varnsdorf dle standartu DCI podpořili : Státní fond České republiky pro podporu a rozvoj české kinematografie a Město Varsndorf.